How Cannabis Oil is Helping People with Epilepsy

Cannabis Oil

The World Health Organization ( reports that one common and chronic neurological disorder is epilepsy. This is evidenced by the fact that nearly 50 million people worldwide, regardless of age, have been diagnosed with this condition. WHO associates add that epilepsy is “one of the world’s oldest recognized conditions, with written records dating back to 4000 BC.”

Over the centuries, scores of drugs and therapies have been used in an effort to treat seizures associated with epilepsy. Unfortunately, some of them have questionable effectiveness and debilitating side effects. This is just one reason why ongoing scientific research and clinical trials are conducted to provide evidence-based findings for the best treatment modalities for various types of epilepsy.

One promising treatment that is being used for epilepsy and other health issues is cannabis oil (20% Tetrahydrocannabinol/THC), which is one of the three main forms of cannabis. The other two are marijuana (1-5% Tetrahydrocannabinol/THC) and hash (5-15% Tetrahydrocannabinol/THC).

Cannabis oil is extracted from the buds and leaves of the cannabis plant and is composed of cannabinoids. Representatives of GW Pharmaceuticals explain that of the more than 60 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, only two have been extensively characterized: THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). They go on to say that THC has “analgesic, anti-spasmodic, anti-tremor, anti-inflammatory, appetite stimulant and anti-emetic properties,” and CBD has “anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsant, anti-psychotic, anti-oxidant, neuroprotective and immunomodulatory effects.” Additionally, according to representatives of GW Pharmaceuticals, the CBD in cannabis might alleviate some of the unwanted side-effects of THC.

Concerning the properties of CBD, some encouraging findings from a recent review of preclinical and preliminary human research studies conducted by dos Santos, Hallak, Leite, Zuardi and Crippa (2014) revealed that “several cannabinoids have been shown in laboratory studies to have significant anti-convulsive properties.”

MacKenzie, Hofmanna, Charles and Fraziera (2013) found that there is “potential for effective therapeutic modulation of endogenous cannabinoid signaling systems in the treatment of human epilepsy.”

Robson (2014) added support to the potential for effective treatment of epilepsy with cannabinoid medicines via drug test analysis. These studies also revealed support for the potential of cannabinoid medicines for the treatment of epilepsy.

In conclusion, current studies suggest the benefits and potential of cannabis oil in epilepsy and other health conditions. While these studies are promising, additional research consisting of larger clinical trials and evidence-based studies are needed to further validate the use of cannabis oil as a therapy for epilepsy and other health conditions.


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Why Your Business Needs To Hire a CPA Today

CPACertified public accounts, or CPAs, are professionals who work with taxes and finances. These professionals are different from standard accountants and others who might not have the same qualifications. It is important to understand some of the many reasons why your business should hire a CPA today.

Ensure Rigorous Licensing and Qualifications

One reason to hire a CPA is that you are ensuring the person in charge of important portions of your finances has proven licensing and qualifications. All CPAs must meet many different requirements in order to attain and renew a license. This ensures that the person is very familiar with accounting, modern tax laws and many other financial aspects of running a business. This is hard to find without CPA certification.

Legal & Industry Compliance

A major reason your business needs a CPA is to comply with legal and industry rules when it comes to taxes and finances. You need to keep records, handle money and file taxes in a very specific way under the law. If you make mistakes, then you could face litigation, fines and other penalties that might harm your entire business. A CPA specializes in these areas. A CPA will make certain that you are always in compliance with the law when it comes to taxes and certain financial transactions.
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Kratom: The Newest Natural Medicine

kratompowderKratom has been quietly making its way into the natural medicine arena. Even news websites like the Huffington Post are reporting on the over-regulation of the Kratom plant. (

Natural medicine practitioners have discovered that by using Kratom they can help people who are suffering with chronic pain, opiate withdrawals, and insomnia. With smaller doses, it has also been found to help treat mental alertness and concentration problems.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna speciosa is a plant that originates in Southeast Asia. The plant is part of the coffee family and has been used in traditional medicine practices for thousands of years in this area. In Thailand, for example, people will pick the leaves, remove the main vein from the leave and then chew it for relief from aches and pains. Kratom is now more commonly used as a tea or in capsule form.

How Is Kratom Processed?

Kratom leaves are hand-picked and separated into two categories. The red vein leaf and the green vein leaf are the most common types of Kratom and have different effects. The red vein leaves are believed to be from younger Kratom trees and are said to be a weaker strain of the two varieties. This is the preferred style of Kratom for people who are looking for relief from pain, addiction therapy, or need to treat insomnia.

The green vein leaves are contain more of the alkaloids that give Kratom its healing abilities. These leaves are targeted for people who wish to increase mental alertness and concentration problems.

The leaves, once sorted, are then dried and crushed. The crushed leaves are either used to make tea or placed into clear capsules for consumption.


Is Kratom Legal To Use?

Kratom has been deemed illegal in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Australia and Denmark. It is legal to possess and use in all other countries. In the United States it is legal in every state except Tennessee and Indiana. The reason that Kratom has been deemed illegal in these countries is because it is thought that the use of the drug interferes with opiate sales by pharmaceutical companies.

Natural Medicine

Many people have discovered that occasional use of Kratom has been effective at helping them manage pain. It has also been shown to effectively help people suffering from opiate withdrawals manage the symptoms.

Dosing should be very controlled, and anyone that is using Kratom should not operate machinery or vehicles of any kind. Kratom capsules or tea should not be used daily, only when necessary.

While there have been no reported studies showing that Kratom is addictive, just like any medicine a tolerance to the treatment can begin if used to much. This causes a person to need more each time to get the same effect. Use Kratom sparingly to ensure that it remains effective and you get the fullest benefits. If you’re interested in giving Kratom a try for yourself, I recommend Soul Speciosa as my vendor of choice. They offer the best Bali on the market and their UEI (Ultra Enhanced Indonesian) is also excellent. Give them a try if you want to experience Kratom for yourself.